Empowered youth, family, community.


To engage, educate, and inspire youth and families to lead healthy lives.



The intention of acting with honesty and being accountable for our words, thoughts, and actions.


Creating an environment of acceptance, with the understanding that individuals are unique.


Supporting others and recognizing positive attributes.


Working together towards a common goal.


Continuous evolvement of individual, agency, and community.



To achieve the following:

  1. To provide a range of educational, pre-employment and job skills training, job development and placement services, health and mental health services, social and counselling assistance, legal assistance, recreational, creative and cultural programs and other services and programs designed to meet the needs of youth.
  2. To enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors in carrying out a comprehensive effort to meet the needs of youth.
  3. To provide programs, services and support on an integrated basis utilizing the resources of, and in cooperation with, departments and agencies of the Social Services, Culture and Youth, Health and Justice departments and agencies of the Government of Canada and appropriate City of Regina agencies, departments and community organizations.
  4. To provide training and consultation to other agencies and programs having responsibility for youth services.