Are you…..

  • 13-19 years old?
  • Looking for assistance in dealing with anger?
  • Looking for assistance in dealing with substance use/abuse?
  • Looking to gain healthy relationship skills?

The Youth Skills program may be for you.


This program offers groups for youth such as Anger Management, The Truth About It (drug and alcohol group), and healthy Relationship groups (Growing Skills – male and female or Be The One- Males only). These groups are offered in the evenings from 6:45 PM to 8:45 PM (With occasional day time programs for summer or school breaks.)


Growing Skills Workshops (1 ½ hours each) for outside agencies and schools:


The goal of the Growing Skills workshops are to help youth gain knowledge and skills on being in healthy relationships with themselves, people around them and their community. We focus on building self-esteem, developing communication skills, and making healthy choices.


Available workshops include:


Healthy Relationships: In this session, we will explore the warning signs of unhealthy relationships. We will also discuss what characteristics are involved in healthy relationships.


Healthy Body Image/ Self-Esteem: To help youth build positive self-esteem by understanding and dealing with feelings about their own physical appearance. Focusing on the influences that the media has on the way young people see themselves.


Suicide: To educate youth about the realities of suicide. Discuss what some of the signs of suicide are. Teach youth the skills to ask for help or get help for their friends.


Cyber Bullying: Educates youth on making positive choices on the internet. Discusses how cyberbullying affects their lives and the lives of others. Also challenges youth to take a stand against cyberbullying.


Coping Strategies and Emotional Regulation: Educate youth on how to recognize, manage, and challenge their emotions. Make youth feel empowered by giving them knowledge and skills to identify and cope with their emotions


Be The One: Educating youth about how to live with integrity in all aspects of their lives. Discussing how to live with integrity in areas such as positive sexual boundaries, consent, respect, appropriateness, and doing the right thing. Challenging the youth to have integrity in their lives, relationships, schools, and communities


Marijuana: Educating youth on the dangers of a commonly known drug, thought to be “harmless” in today’s society. Discussing such things as what is in the drug, long and short-term effects of the drug, and more.


Other drug groups available upon request at Coordinator’s agreement.


For a complete list of our Fall 2018 activities click here.

For further information about the Youth Skill program contact the Youth Skill Program Coordinator at (306) 757-9743 or send email.